About Us

Welcome to APPI Physiotherapy and Pilates Clinics. We are proud to be one of the largest providers in the world of physiotherapy and pilates services, education and products.

Our clinical services are located in 2 amazing, state of the art,  super sites based in Hampstead and Wimbledon. We have over 40 clinicians, 1000 hours per week of services, 70 plus classes and the best clinicians in the UK.

Our Story

APPI was founded by two Australian trained Physiotherapists Glenn and Elisa Withers in 2002 after seeing a need for an integrated Physiotherapy and Pilates service that has the best facilities, the best equipment, and most importantly the best clinicians around.

Inspired by Elisa's background as a classically trained dancer;  and Glenn's background in sports medicine; they decided to investigate if Pilates was really suited for the clinical population. After receiving a scholarship from the Australian Physiotherapy Association (Australia's governing body) they spent 12 months training in and researching the Pilates method of exercise. Through this process Glenn and Elisa saw a need to adapt the exercises to a step by step approach taking into consideration all the available research on pain, pathology and function.

  • What does pain do to the ability to perform a Pilates movement and what muscles are working or are not?
  • What injury would this exercise help or could it make it worse?
  • Finally, does the movement actually change a person's function and make them more efficient and pain free in what they want to achieve.

Their research lead to the development of the APPI Method. Now a worldwide form of exercise rehabilitation and movement re-education that has literally changed the face of healthcare in many countries around the world. For each classical Pilates exercise Glenn and Elisa have developed 4 – 6 levels to create a movement program that means any person from any background and at any level of health or fitness can achieve their movement potential.

In creating this unique program Glenn and Elisa have helped thousands of people from long standing back pain, to world class athletes maximise their recovery and potential. Since opening our first centre in Hampstead in 2002, and our second centre in Wimbledon in 2008 we have grown to now be one of London's premier Physiotherapy and Pilates Centres.

Our team of over 40 clinicians provide an unparalleled level of care and service that we know will lead to your health and movement goals. If you are looking for the best possible care in London let us help you by contacting us now.

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