Barre Classes

Barre is a fitness phenomenon that has been sweeping across the globe for the past 5 – 8 years. One of the fastest growing fitness trends in the UK at present. In essence Barre classes are the physical combination of a ballet class with the movement flow of Pilates and related exercises all tied together, Based around the idea of gaining the perfect ‘ballet body', Barre classes are designed to tone, lengthen and sculpt your body. Here at APPI we wanted to take it one step further and create our own unique version of Barre exercises. You see, our founder Elisa Withers grew up as a classical ballerina until physiotherapy took her into dance medicine instead of performing. We entrusted her to review the world of Barre exercise and her feeling was that it could all be done a little more precise, a little more planned and a little more refined. So, here we introduce Bare Control – the APPI method of Barre exercise.

Barre Control at APPI

Developed by APPI founder, physiotherapist, Pilates master trainer and classically trained ballerina Elisa Withers, in association with San Diego Ballet Company Professional dancer, Pilates master trainer and Doctor of Physical Therapy Kirsten Roberts, barre control is the world’s foremost barre program.

Barre control brings together the fantastic benefits of classical ballet technique training, posture retraining, Pilates and HIIT to create the ultimate workout class for any body type.

Barre Control aims to set the standard for studio innovation, barre certification training and barre products around the world by ensuring dedication to the technique of the exercises and the quality of the teacher training program that accompanies the barre control method. With over 30 years of experience in the professional dance world and 20 years of experience in movement re-education, the barre control team provide one of the most well qualified foundations to base its method on.


The Barre control method

Barre control is unique in its focus on the quality of the movements performed at the barre and on the floor and as such delivers outstanding results for our clients and our teachers. You begin your time at a barre control studio by being taken through the key elements of ballet technique as taught to professional dancers. This allows you to truly understand the intricacies of the ballet technique and it is this attention to detail that delivers the perfect ballet posture and body that barre control delivers.

Barre control is a lot more than just a barre workout, it is a way of life. It will teach you to not only look better from the ballet body point of view, but to hold yourself with the poise and confidence of professionally trained dancers and Pilates teachers all over the world.



Hampstead Class Timetable

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