Mat Pilates Classes

Matwork Pilates is the most widely undertaken form of Pilates Exercises. It is what Joe Pilates originally developed and is the cornerstone of any Pilates program. The Pilates method is essentially a mind-body centring technique that emphasises the importance of beginning movement from a central core of stability, and then progressing the intensity of movements with a mix of strengthening, mobility and stretching movements that all work to create a long, lean, aligned body of efficient movement. 

The main theme of matwork exercises is maintaining a central core of stability in the lumbo-pelvic region. Joe believed that injuries were caused by imbalances in the body and habitual patterns of movement. He observed that when a person had a weakness or maligned area, that person overcompensated or overdeveloped another area to achieve a certain functional movement. Thus, Joe found it was critical to correct the malalignment and to re-educate the body to prevent recurrence.

What Makes APPI Different?

Over the years many different approaches to Pilates have prevailed. Some of these approaches remain very true to Joseph’s original methods of teaching and sequencing, others, such as APPI, have looked to alter the program to be more specific and tailored to todays more sedentary, computer aged, population.

Early in our founders Physiotherapy careers it became clear that Pilates had an important role to play in the prevention and rehabilitation of wide ranging injuries. It also became very clear that in order to fulfil its enormous potential in the clinical arena, traditional/classical Pilates would have to be modified. It was at this time that the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (APPI) was born!

We have now spent 16 years scientifically analysing the traditional Pilates movements in relation to their clinical application. Our program has created a world leading system of graduated and specific exercises  that can take clients from the early stages of rehabilitation through to the full health and wellbeing. The final result is the creation of a body that is more efficient in daily activities and a strong, robust system of muscles, ligaments and fascia that is less prone to future pains and injuries.

The APPI Pilates Method combines all that we know scientifically with the more traditional Pilates focus on training fluid movement. Our method will help you to develop better posture, a strong foundation to support your back and a long, lean muscular system which combines strength with flexibility. Thus you will achieve paramount body form, capable of creating optimal movement at all times with ease.

Our Matwork classes are:

  • Beginner Pilates: A great way to introduce your body to the benefits of Pilates or an ideal class if you are injured. Learn to use your core abdominal and stabilising muscles to improve your strength, posture and movement.
  • Intermediate Pilates: A class for those without injuries. Requires a good level of experience and fitness. A great progression for those experienced in Pilates and ready to move to a higher level of strength, control and balance.
  • Advanced Pilates: The ultimate in body strengthening, lengthening, toning and body awareness for those experienced devotees.

Our Matwork Pilates classes are available at our Hampstead and Wimbledon Centres: Hampstead Class Timetable Wimbledon Class Timetable