Pilates for Kids Classes

“First educate the child” – Joseph Pilates

As Joseph Pilates said, “First educate the child”, and we do just that!

This mat class is for 7 to 11 year olds and integrates Pilates with motor skills, co-ordination and balance routines.  We know that children need daily bone loading exercise, strengthening and work on their postures. The scaffolding for pelvic stability and the development of a strong core starts young and supports the children’s sporting, schooling and hobbies.  It is crucial for those engaging in a high level of sport and just as important for those who play musical instruments, study for long hours or want to be as able as their friends. No matter the motivation for attending the classes, the children’s strength, flexibility and control positively changes with Pilates. Pilates props like small soft balls, bands and magic circles are used to further challenge co-ordination, balance, stability and add more fun!

Hampstead Class Timetable

Wimbledon Class Timetable