Reformer Pilates Classes

Machine based Pilates takes the concepts of matwork into spring loaded resistance machines designed originally by Joe Pilates himself. The most widely used Pilates machine is the reformer. Our reformer Pilates classes are a great way to step up your intensity and results from the mat based program. 
All our reformer pilates classes are limited to only a maximum of 6 participants to ensure quality teaching and a more detailed and tailored experience for our clients.
These classes are for those without injuries. Working on the reformer requires a good level of experience and fitness. We offer reformer classes form beginner to advanced and many other variations in between.
Please find a snapshot of our reformer classes below:
  • Beginner level: The ideal class for you if you are new to Pilates and the reformer, haven’t exercised for a while or are returning to exercise following an injury. You will be closely guided through the basic Pilates movements and principles to learn to isolate precise movement and activate your muscles correctly.


  • Inter level: The natural class progression once you feel comfortable with the reformer, understand the Pilates principles and can perform the movements with precision and ease. Inter classes are more fluid, offer a greater variety of movements, challenge strength and control whilst maintaining focus on precision, accuracy and alignment.


  • Advanced level: If you’re experienced at inter level and feel ready for a greater challenge, the advanced class is for you. Advanced movements require you to integrate your total body into larger movements, utilizing your muscles in different yet functional ways, will push your boundaries of flexibility and mobility and require you to call upon all your focus and stamina.


  • Athletic Conditioning: For experienced inter and above levels. This class is designed to help you prepare for your favourite sport by challenging the strength and control of your abdominal core, gluteals, legs and upper body. This fun yet challenging class includes many functional, uni-lateral and rotational movements and challenges your balance through squat, plank and standing work.


  • Cardio Reformer: Performed on and around the Pilates reformer, with a large focus on dynamic and aerobic movements. Ideal for injury free people who want to increase fitness and challenge their body.