Hypermobility Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy for hypermobility is one of the fastest growing areas of healthcare practice today. At APPI our physiotherapists have undergone specialist training in working with hypermobility for children and adults alike.

Treating joint hypermobility syndrome

There's no cure for joint hypermobility syndrome. The main treatment is improving muscle strength and fitness so your joints are protected. It is really important that the person you entrust to take care of your hypermobility truly understands the requirements of the load on the tissue and how far a person with hypermobility can be pushed in terms of the exercise load and volume.

Our Physiotherapists can help you:

  • reduce pain and risk of dislocations
  • improve muscle strength and fitness
  • improve posture and balance

We see a huge volume of clients with all the various types of hypermobility. From low grade generalised hypermobile joints, to pain related joint hypermobility syndrome all the way to the more complex disorders such as Ehlers Danos and Marfans syndrome. IN fact, our founder Glenn Withers, has designed a specific Pilates for Hypermobility program that is now taught all over the world. See us today and together we will get you moving stronger, for longer!