Oncology Physiotherapy

At APPI we are proud to have specialists cancer care Physiotherapists trained in the amazing Pinc and Steel Cancer Rehabilitation Program.

Here's what Pinc and Steel say about their program:

Cancer Rehabilitation is a low cost, high impact intervention that reduces disability and improves quality of life.
Impairments that may be relatively easily addressed by rehabilitation interventions if detected early can become very difficult and costly to treat if they have progressed over weeks, months or years.

There is a myriad of evidence to show that cancer rehab can prevent unnecessary disability and improve everything from side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, to cancer related fatigue, to peripheral neuropathies to improving pain and psychological wellbeing.

PINC & STEEL Cancer Rehab Physio's focus is on supporting the whole patient, not just addressing their cancer. They will assess each person individually for the impact of their surgery and cancer treatments and the physical and functional limitations these may have caused.

Our certified Physiotherapists help to educate each person on the prevention and early detection of common treatment-related impairments as well as educate about exercise and health promoting behaviours.

An individualised exercise program can be prescribed for independent exercise and supervised exercises throughout the course of cancer treatment, aimed at improving function and preventing impairments related to treatment.

Cancer rehabilitation is an essential component of cancer care.