Injury Rehabilitation

A full and thorough Physiotherapy rehabilitation programme is the key to restoring and maximizing your potential after having been through an injury, surgery or illness. We take a ‘whole person’ approach to health and wellbeing, which includes careful consideration of your general lifestyle, personal and movement aims as well as your physical recovery. We help you through movement and exercise, manual therapy, education and advice.

As Physiotherapists, we are trained to help and improve a range of conditions across many specialisms from neurological rehabilitation after Stroke to musculoskeletal rehabilitation for back pain and following spinal surgery.

We are proud to have strong medical links with London’s leading spinal and orthopaedic consultants who often refer their patients to us for ‘pre-hab’ programs prior to surgery. Building strength, increasing mobility, and general fitness prior to surgery is extremely effective for helping to get you back on track after surgery sooner.


What our clients say?

“Mark literally gave me a new lease of life. I have been suffering with a chronic injury for years. What was really different was how he truly listened to my story in the initial consultation. He was able to repeat it back to me and made me feel he truly understood the issue. The thoroughness of the assessment was amazing, and then the way he incorporated movement and exercise into a program I could do at home was just legendary! Thanks Mark!”

Shane – APPI Hampstead Cleint