Scoliosis is the curvature of your spine from side to side. It comes from ancient Greek mythology and is one of the most common spinal disorders today. Scoliosis is a medical term and as such has medical parameters around it. It is important to see a specialist in this area who understands these parameters and what can truly help and what may not.

Here at APPI we have a tailored made Scoliosis Program that is now taught around the world. You see, a scoliosis is only truly relevant if the curve is greater than 10 degrees. Research has shown that curves between 10 and 35 degrees respond best to exercise rehabilitation before anything else. If your curve is over 35 degrees, then our program is vital but may be associated with medical assistance via a brace or additional support. Curves over 55 degrees need to be reviewed by a consultant and may involve corrective surgery.

It is this intrinsic knowledge of what is the best form of management for your curve that separates us from other Physiotherapy providers.

Furthermore, our program brings in features of the renowned Schroth Method, with our specialised Pilates for Scoliosis program, that ensures we use the force of gravity to gain the straightest spine we can before adding on strength exercises. Many physiotherapists begin with stabilising or strength exercises, which simply fixes the spine in the curved position. At APPI we have a step by step program that firstly elongates the spine, then works with your breathing to mobilise the constrained ribs, before adding in a tailored made strength program that leads to the great results we see day in, day out.