Spinal Physiotherapy

In the UK at least 80% of the population suffer from some form of spinal pain in their lifetime. Of this over 80% of this population develop ongoing pain and stiffness in the spine as a result of not gaining the right treatment and advice at the time of the first episode of pain. Here at APPI we have been leading the fight for Londoners for 16 years providing the ultimate care and expertise from our specialist Physiotherapists.

The spine is a naturally mobile, fluid structure that relies on movement and support of the muscles around the spine. Our specialist team understand the interaction between the structural issues of the bony spine and the role of the muscles required to provide effortless movement. Research tells us that within 24 hours of your first episode of spinal pain that certain compensations begin to happen. It is this compensation pattern of the body that can lead to ongoing imbalances and pain. We are specialists in diagnosing and managing these imbalances to restore a fully functioning, strong, mobile and healthy spine.

APPI is home to the ‘APPI Rehabilitation Method'. This worldwide program is at the forefront of changing health beliefs as to how to best manage spinal pain and dysfunction. No where else in London will you find the expertise and knowledge that comes from being the creators of the program that is applied to clients with spinal pain all over the world.

We are confident in what we do as we have been fortunate to help thousands of people improve their life through active rehabilitation. Call us now for your chance to get your back on the road to health.