Myotherapy & Sports Massage

Myo (meaning muscle) therapy is the assessment, treatment and maintenance of muscles using techniques including massage, cupping and needling. It is important in the management of any injury and is highly beneficial alongside physiotherapy and Pilates programmes. It is also very popular for its benefits for general well being.

Sports Massage is an advanced form of massage involving the manipulation of soft tissues to enhance recovery, release tension, reduce stress and generally make the body feel much better. Our therapists are all highly experienced and will ensure the right pressure weather you prefer a light touch or a deeper, more intense experience.  

What does a Myotherapy Session Involve?

Massage is an extremely powerful tool and usually forms a key part of your session. The type of pressure and style of massage is always tailored specifically to the individual. While massage techniques are used in most sessions, the treatment does not end there.

Further myotherapy techniques which may be included in your session include: dry needling to reduce tension in muscles & trigger points, stretching to increase muscle length & tone, corrective exercises specific to the individual to strengthen & improve posture and cupping to increases blood flow to help speed up the healing process & realign tight muscles.

One or more of these techniques are usually integrated into sessions.

To know more, refer to our info sheet on Myotherapy.


About our Myotherapists and massage therapists

We have a team of myotherapists and massage therapists at our Hampstead and Wimbledon centres. Our expert myotherapists originate from Melbourne, Australia where myotherapy is a very popular service. Australian trained myotherapists study intensively for three years in Australia to attain their degree. Their professional interests include working with acute and chronic neck & low back pain, repetitive strain injuries and during rehabilitation phase following orthopaedic surgery.

Our massage therapists come from a variety of training bodies and experience levels and all pride themselves on delivering the best experience to our clients as possible. Our comfortable and tranquil treatment rooms will make you relaxed and our use of various simple and essential oils will enhance your experience.

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