Sports Physiotherapy

Our APPI Sports Physiotherapists have worked with Premier league football teams including Manchester United, Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Brentford. Professional dancers form the English National Ballet, Royal Ballet School, west end musicals and much more. We have even taken care of National Rugby teams, National level gymnasts, elite level age group triathletes including world championship level athletes, equestrian riders, swimmers as well as those of us who may be considered more recreational sports lovers.

Sports injuries are common among high level and recreational athletes. Our experienced team of Sports Physiotherapists utilise sports specific assessments to obtain accurate diagnosis and root causes of sporting injuries. Based on a sound knowledge of the injury, its causing factors and the various demands of the sport itself, our Sports Physiotherapists devise specific programmes of various manual and soft tissue techniques as well as sports specific exercise protocols to restore full function, enhance performance and prevent further injuries.

So whether you serve it up with Andy Murray, run alongside Mo Farah, cycle with Laura Trott or have simply overextended yourself in training, suffer from a long-standing niggle or need our help to get you back to doing what you love, let our Sports Physiotherapists coach you back.

What our clients say?

“As a premier league footballer we get all our care at the club. However, an ongoing back injury caused significant delays to my performance and so I was sent to see the guys at APPI. For an elite athlete with all the services on hand, I was amazed at the level of knowledge here. My issue was sorted in about 4 weeks instead of 3 months. I got back to playing and owe a huge amount to the team”.